First firmware update for mini-i 3 and mini-i Pro 3 launched

2020-09-22 15:50News

Applied models: mini-i 3, mini-i Pro 3

Firmware version: C013A3, C013B3


1. Fixed the issue that in some cases, the device could not connect to the Ethernet after booting.

2. Fixed the issue that noise occurs when Roon preempted the playback when headphone amplifier outputting.

3. Fixed the issue that when the mute enabled, to switch the input channel may cause the mute state displays incorrectly.

4. Fixed the issue that the relay of headphone amplifier would act incorrectly when the audio signal from IIS port was switched between PCM and DSD Native.

5. Fixed the issue that the device could not be booted by Roon controller app.

6. Fixed the issue that the unit occasionally cannot connect to Wi-Fi network under firmware B813A2/B2 and B913A3/B3.

7. Fixed the issue that under firmware B813A2/B2 and B913A3/B3, when the “Lineout Mode” is set to “Fixed”, the unit does not output signal after reboot.

Update instructions:

1. Turn the device on and connect it to the Internet. Press the “i” button on the rear panel of the unit to enter Settings menu.


2. Rotate the knob, find the “Firmware Update” option, press the knob to enter.


3. Press the knob to check for updates.


4. If update is available, the firmware version will be displayed. The C013A3 is for mini-i 3, and the C013B3 is for mini-i Pro 3. Now press the knob to start install update.


5. The upgrade process takes about 2 minutes, the device will reboot automatically after update is complete.


6. After the update is complete, re-enter the Settings menu and select the "Info" option to view the current firmware version number.