[Product Review] Matrix Audio mini-i Pro 4 Music Streamer / DAC / AMP - Does It All, Does It Well



It is unfair to sum up 「Matrix Audio 」mini-i Pro 4 as just a streamer, there's so much more it can do, but it is, at its core, the best streamer we had the honor and joy of reviewing this year. In 2023 this is the most stable, most reliable and best built streamer, with the best ergonomics, nicest design, and the one I would recommend if you were intending to make a purchase right now. You can grab it here - https://www.matrix-digi.com/product/94/mini-i_Pro_4

From my original Review - "...if you want something that does it all and which does it really well, a dac, a headphone amplifier, a streamer, a USB decoder, an exceptional sound, and a design that will give a modern and sleek edge to your room, 「Matrix Audio 」mini-i Pro 4 is a recommended purchase and a DAC / Streamer / AMP I have come to enjoy a lot and which I consider a really good product." 

Audiophile Heaven

Gheorghe Dobrescu

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