Matrix Audio element X2, M2, i2 Music Streamer Review & Comparison | Moon Audio

The added power is going to be the real game-changer in regards to the sound of the music player, and Matrix Audio keeps the sound signature consistently stunning, with the detail-rich and forward-sounding ES9038PRO DAC.

Matrix Audio X-SABRE 3 streaming MQA DAC

The X-Sabre is rather small and yet remarkable heavy. Not only in weight but also in features. It offers Roon endpoint, DLNA rendering, Spotify Connect, MQA, DSD512, a linear power supply, remote control and so on.

Matrix Audio element X2 Music Streamer review

It could well be the most multi-talented device you could place at the heart of a desktop or two-channel audio setup.

Matrix Audio X-SABRE 3 DAC Streamer Review | Moon Audio

It's one of the best standalone DACs you can get and it's hard not to get excited when listening to music through it.

Review of X-SABRE 3 by Joshua Valour - Welcom to the future!

I'm happy to recommend this material quality and the machine quality that was being used on this device just feels like a high-end device.

Review of Matrix X-SABRE 3 by Z Reviews

That is why Matrix is one of my favourite audio brands, they are actually considering it. This is amazing user experience on this.

Matrix Audio Element H USB 3.0 Femto Clock USB Regenerator

I played it with use different sources and ever in every source and every instance it sounded better. I let it run for about a week and I noticed that it does get a little bit better sounding after about 1 week.

Matrix Audio Element-i music streamer/DAC

The performance of the Matrix Audio element i is fantastically impressive. I have to wonder what more the higher models might, even could, offer apart from MQA decoding.

Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 3 - The All-In-One Streamer

Those who do want a digital music hub, the mini-i Pro 3 is a faultless device worth your consideration. If money is not really an issue for you, then the Pro 3 may fit quite well into your audiophile world

Matrix Audio mini-i iPro 3 review by Alpha-Audio

The Matrix Audio mini-i Pro3 is an extremely versatile device that you can go several ways with. You can use it initially purely as a streamer or Roon Endpoint and use the dac on board. Later you can connect a separate dac to play a level higher.

Un préamplificateur connecté Roon Ready complet et musical

Le Mini-i 3 Pro est un préamplificateur complet avec streameur intégré qui mérite que l’on s’intéresse à lui. Spécialiste du domaine, la société Matrix Audio a su insuffler des qualités musicales indéniables à ce petit appareil.

The Finest Combo - Matrix mini-i Pro 3 (by Z Reviews)

[HU] Matrix element i Hálózatos Lejátszó Teszt

A Matrix Element I hangja a többivel szemben egyenesebb, finomabb és hihetőbb élmény. A közép és felső tartománynak van egy feltáró és jól látható ábrázolása, nem akar elrejteni semmit a térben.

Ditch your computer and get the Matrix element i streamer

For those of you who are looking for a streamer, the Matrix is definitely a solution for you.

Full Review of element i DAC/Streamer/HP Amp/Pre

Will the new element i ESS9028PRO Sabre Chip based Dac win you over? Watch the full review to find out our thoughts... Included in review are 2 ways to enhance the sound quality out of your element i!

[NO] Stereo+ Magzine awarded element X Product of the Year

Element X er en ekstremt fleksibel digitalkonverter. Den er nemlig også en forforsterker, hodetelefonforsterker og streamer. Der takler den både Roon og MQA. Selv om det finnes digitalkonvertere som graver fram enda flere detaljer og er enda luftige

[PL] Recenzja: Matrix Audio Element X

Jeszcze całkiem niedawno zdawało się, że obciążony najróżniejszymi regulacjami przetwornik z wbudowanym słuchawkowym wzmacniaczem stanowi ostatnie piętro wypiętrzającej się złożoności.

[PL] Recenzja: Matrix Audio X-Sabre PRO MQA DAC

Że przetworniki rządzą, to teraz równie jasne, jak fakt rządzenia komputerów. Stojących na biurkach lub pod nimi albo noszonych po kieszeniach ze zmodyfikowaną nazwą „smartfon”. Wszystkich mających za przedłużenie przetworni

More than just a DAC, mini-i Pro 3 review by Thomas & Stereo

There are 3 reasons why you would choose this DAC over the other DACs that I mentioned before.

Review of element X by Hi-Fi News Magazine

If you're thinking "Matrix who?", you're in danger of missing out on one of the more conspicuous hi-fi bargains of the moment.

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