[Notice]Statement Regarding Roon Ready Certification of Matrix Products

we have decided to temporarily remove Roon Ready-related information for these models from the official website of Matrix Audio, starting from today.

NEWS | 2023.09.19
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[Show Review] The superstar of Shenzhen International Audio Show

The highly recognizable design language of the products and the MA Remote App received unanimous recognition from the media, visitors and music lovers.

NEWS | 2023.09.18
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[Show Preview] Shenzhen International Audio Show 2023

The event starts this Friday, and we look forward to meeting you there.

NEWS | 2023.09.12
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[Firmware Update ]Breathe new life into your device

Please check the latest version of firmware and MA Remote App

NEWS | 2023.08.31
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A decade in the industry, unchanging original aspirations | This is the 10th Anniversary of 「Matrix Audio」

We will forge ahead, delivering even better and more wonderful high-quality audio products to all music lovers.

NEWS | 2023.08.30
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[Audio Show] Report of Hong Kong High-End Audio & Visual Show 2023

The spotlight was undoubtedly on the debut of the all-new generation of the mini-i series, which garnered significant attention.

NEWS | 2023.08.14
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[Audio Show] Hong Kong High-End Audio & Visual Show 2023

Starting from this Friday, see you there~

NEWS | 2023.08.07
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New streaming service has arrived! Sony Select High-Res Music is available

Sony Select High-Res Music will be the 4th online streaming service integrated in the Streaming section in MA Remote App.

NEWS | 2023.08.04
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New model release! 「Matrix Audio」announces the next generation of its best-selling mini-i series!

Starting today, the new products will soon be available for orders.

NEWS | 2023.07.05
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Highlights of 「Matrix Audio」 in SIAV Xi'an audio show

「Matrix Audio」joined forces with Contral Music Co. to bring an outstanding Hi-Fi feast to audiophiles in the ancient capital during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

NEWS | 2023.06.28
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[Audio Show] Welcome you to visit 2023 SIAV Xi'an Audio Show

From June 23rd to 25th, the SIAV Xi'an Audio Show will be held at the Empark Grand Hotel.

NEWS | 2023.06.20
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[Audio Show] High-end Audio Visual Expo Zhengzhou

From June 16th to 18th, 2023, the first HAVE 2023 Zhengzhou, hosted by Hifishuo, will be held at the Jianguo Hotel Zhengzhou.

NEWS | 2023.06.13
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[Audio Show] The 2023 Central China Audio Party

The party only lasted one afternoon, but the popularity and atmosphere of the event kept rising.

NEWS | 2023.05.30
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[Audio Show] The 2023 China Chengdu International Headphone Expo

Thanks to the event holder, thanks to Hifan Audio and ZMF Headphones, thanks to the freelance writers who visited and reported Matrix Audio's booth.

NEWS | 2023.05.23
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「Matrix Audio 」announces Addicted To Audio to be the exclusive distributor in ANZ region

Key「Matrix Audio」 products that will be distributed by Addicted To Audio include its latest element Series. Stay tuned!

NEWS | 2023.05.06
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[Audio show] Beijing International Audio Exhibition 2023

element X2 and element M2 won the Best Music Streamer Award.

NEWS | 2023.05.04
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「Matrix Audio 」 will exhibit in the 2023 Beijing International Audio Exhibition

The 2023 Beijing International Audio Exhibition will take place at Beijing Music Industral Park from April 29th to May 3rd.

NEWS | 2023.04.27
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New model release! 「Matrix Audio」 announces its first standalone music streamer element S

From now on, element S is available for order.

NEWS | 2023.04.23
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