MA-1 has multiple working modes, suitable for various scenarios

MA-1 power amplifier works under 3 different working modes, according to the type of speakers.

NEWS | 2024.06.28
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MA-1, providing surging power, showing craftsmanship

MA-1 is applied the unique H-shaped chassis structure. The independent transformers for the left and right channels enable a fully independent dual-channel design.

NEWS | 2024.06.21
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MA-1, the first class AB power amplifier by Matrix Audio

MA-1 is the first class AB power amplifier by Matrix Audio, it has comprehensive performances that excels both in dynamic and nuanced scenarios.

NEWS | 2024.06.14
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【Product Release】Matrix Audio announces three cable products

OCC Hi-Fi Analog Audio Cable, OFC Hi-Fi Power Cable and OCC USB 2.0 Audio Cable announced today.

NEWS | 2024.06.12
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MP-1, present the live performance of music faithfully

The first class A preamp by Matrix Audio, multiple input and output ports allows you to connect to multiple power amplifiers and different speakers.

NEWS | 2024.06.06
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[Audio Show] Beijing International Audio Exhibition 2024

Bringing Hi-Fi into your daily life!

NEWS | 2024.05.28
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[Important] mini-i Pro 4 is certified by Roon Labs

We are thrilled to inform you the music streamer mini-i Pro 4 has certified by Roon Labs.

NEWS | 2024.05.27
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MP-1, the first class A preamplifier by Matrix Audio

MP-1 is Matrix Audio's first class A preamplifier. It process the input music accurately, it is the sculptor of music.

NEWS | 2024.05.23
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Firmware update available, new features and some bug fixes included

You can directly log in to your Baidu Cloud Drive account in the MA Remote App, browse and play music from the cloud.

NEWS | 2024.05.22
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Various connectivity of MS-1, helping you enter the digital audio world effortlessly

MS-1 is the newest flagship music streamer of Matrix Audio, it includes a lot of digital input ports, helping you to build a high quality audio system easily.

NEWS | 2024.05.21
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Dual-core collaboration and precision control

MS-1 is Matrix Audio's brand-new flagship music streamer. Its industrial design showcases our concept of simplicity.

NEWS | 2024.05.15
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[Audio Show] Matrix Audio MS-1 will debut at Shenzhen CIHE 2024

we will bring the new flagship MS-1 music streamer to the 2024 Shenzhen High-End Audio

NEWS | 2024.05.13
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