New firmware and mobile app released for element series

2019-11-08 11:48News

We are so glad to announce that the first iOS app for Matrix element series products has been released, this app works with full line of Matrix streamers including element X, element P, element M and the new entry element i. Click HERE to view the Download page to install MA Remote for your iPhone now.

To let your new app works with Matrix streamer devices properly, please make sure the firmware of your device is up to date. Let's learn about WHAT'S NEW in the new firmware:

Applicable models: Matrix element X, element P, element M

Update method: Automatic OTA update via MA Remote app

Upgrade suggestions: It is recommended that all users update to this version, or some functions will not be implemented or works abnormally.


1. The "USB Audio Mode" option was removed from setting menu of element devices. When you need to use the element device as a USB DAC, please select the USB Audio input channel on the device, or press the USB input channel button on the RM3 remote control.

2. Add NETWORK option to the input channel. Playing local stored music via MA player, or other related playback method such as DLNA, AirPlay, ROON are all attributed to the NETWORK channel, if you need to use the playback method mentioned above, please select "NETWORK" as the input channel on the element device. You can switch between USB input and NETWORK by pressing the USB button on the RM3 IR remote control repeatedly.

3. Add “Low Bandwidth” option in the “DPLL Bandwidth” option in element device setting menu.

4. Add “Network Type” option in setting menu. Users can set the element device connect to local area network via network cable or Wi-Fi by default.

5. Add “AUTO” option to “DSD Filters” settings. The element device automatically selects the corresponding DSD filter according to the DSD file being played when this option set to “AUTO”.

6. Display audio sampling rate when element device works via DLNA, AirPlay, and ROON input.

7. Reduce the time required to power on and enter standby status.

8. Standby operation is changed from long press to short press the Standby button.

9. element device could be powered on by virtual remote control in MA Remote app.

10. Add volume bar to Playing page in MA Remote, using 0.5dB step control.

11. Bug fixes.


Encountered any problems? See "Troubleshooting for element products firmware update" or contact us now.