MA Remote and new firmware for element series are available

2019-04-08 13:09News

New version MA Remote is available, at the same time, we released new ARM firmware for element series products, the new features as below:

The highlights of this update:

Virtual remote control

The virtual remote control function in MA Remote has been released, all functions on RM3 remote control can be realized through the "virtual remote control". The display on the virtual remote is synchronized with the built-in screen of element series streamers, and the status of the product can be seen in the app.


Roon end-point

Roon is a software that interactively browses and organizes music. It can run on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers, as well as on a server. Roon will find out all the music files in your local disk and millions of music in your streaming account, so you can start with your favorite music and discover new music beyond your music mix.

Integration of Roon Ready means the element series streamers can be set up as an end-point of Roon, receiving the bit perfect stream of music from the Roon core.

The Roon function in element X and element P is now open for use. Roon Ready certification is in progress. Open your Roon Remote app and add devices to your audio device. Try it out.

This update includes ARM firmware updates and app updates for element X and element P. Make sure both of the firmware and app are updated to the latest version, or the new features will not work.

The up to date ARM version: 1.2.24

The up to date app version: 1.1.0