Matrix announced brand new 'element' series streamer combo

2018-09-30 13:36News

September 14th, Guangzhou AV Fair 2018 started at Dongfang Hotel at Guangzhou city. This show is still the largest audio exhibition in China, bringing the world's top Hi-Fi products, headphones, amplifiers, speakers, players, vinyl, CDs, records, car audio modification and other high-end products to the audiophiles.

At this weekend, the horrible typhoon Mangkhut come across south China, but it would never blow the audiophile‘s enthusiasm away.

Matrix formally announced the brand new visual identity system and new ‘element’ series products at this event.

The element X, is a combination of a streamer, an ES9038PRO D/A converter, a pre-amplifier and a full balanced headphone amplifier. The streamer is based on a quad-core ARM CPU. Matrix developed a brand new MA player under Linux system. With MA Remote APP, customers can easily browse and play audio files connected to the storage device on the host or NAS, and element X also support AirPlay and DLNA. It has the function of network streaming and local file playback which is not available in previous products. At present, MATRIX has a broad production range of simple DAC product to full-featured audio source product.

The element P is a combination of a streamer, an ES9028PRO D/A Converter and an integrated power amplifier. It has the same media playback core as element X, also ICEpower 250ASX2 digital power amplifier module is the power amplification core of element P. It has a rated power of 230W per channel at 4Ω load, which is easy to use with bookshelf speakers and small to medium-sized floor-standing speakers.

After MATRIX and MQA cooperated to launch X-SABRE Pro supporting MQA decoding, the two element series all-in-one products also support MQA full decoder, and passed the JAS Hi-Res certification.

Demonstrating Astell & Kern AK500N and Matrix X-SABRE Pro (MQA) at Genelec showroom