Perfect Creation

The all-new M series marks a milestone for Matrix Audio as it advances towards traditional Hi-Fi systems. This series includes the music streamer MS-1, the preamplifier MP-1 and the power amplifier MA-1, forming a complete flagship system of Matrix Audio that presents our understanding of Hi-Fi audio. The M series is the first lineup to adopt the new Matrix Design language, serving as a precursor to the future evolution of Matrix Audio products.

Matrix Design

Evaluating audio products from the dimensions of "listening" and "looking" has always been our consistent philosophy. From concept to design, every step contains the love for music and the pursuit of beauty. MP-1 is Matrix Audio's first Class A preamplifier. Its industrial design showcases our concept of simplicity. With hundreds of circular perforations of varying sizes and depths arranged in an array on the simple hexahedron, resembling rhythmic beats dancing and emerging on the surface.

Key Point Of Audio System

The preamplifier acts as the commander in the audio system. Only precise orders can bring out the best performance from the audio source and power amplifier. The MP-1 is the key point in the chain, it needs to process the input music accurately, endowing it with rich tones and textures, allowing you to hear the sound of music, see the face of music, and feel the soul of music. It is also the sculptor of music.

Warm & Mellow

The fully differential transistor input stage circuit design features extremely low noise and excellent linearity. The output stage is designed as a high-bias current pure Class A output, free from crossover distortion. It operates under a low-noise power supply of up to 60V to achieve extraordinary dynamic range. The output DC servo circuit keeps the output midpoint offset within 1mV, no coupling capacitors involving ensures a flatter frequency response, allowing the original sound to be presented as it is.

United Efforts

The main amplifier of MP-1 consists of four independent fully balanced amplification units. Each channel has two amplification units working together, responsible for amplifying the in-phase and inverted signals. Even in RCA input mode, the signal will be converted into a bipolar signal for amplification, effectively suppressing common-mode noise and improving dynamic performance.

Multiple Analog Inputs

MP-1 features 3 pairs of RCA inputs and 3 pairs of XLR inputs, with the ability to independently set level attenuation and compensation for each input. This ensures that the amplitude of all input signals remains at a consistent level, avoiding the volume differences when switching between different audio sources.

Flexible Application

MP-1 has 1 pair of RCA outputs and 2 pairs of XLR outputs, capable of output simultaneously or separately. When outputting separately, the volume for each output can be adjusted individually, making it easier to achieve comfortable volume levels when connecting multiple power amplifiers and different speakers. When both XLR outputs are used at the same time, it's possible to connect four power amplifiers to drive the mid-high range drivers and low-range drivers of the speakers separately, to achieve a bi-amping mode.

Precision in Detail

MP-1 features a voltage-divider volume control by resistor array. Four high-quality volume control units composed of 64 precision resistors with 0.001 accuracy and 32 fully sealed reed relays which are switched rapidly by the MCU. This control method not only minimizes any impact on sound quality but also ensures excellent consistency between the two channels. The operation noise of the reed relays is almost inaudible even when changing volume continuously.

Square Copper Wire Transformer & Linear Power

Power is the start point of an audio device, even the preamplifier needs to have enough power reserve. MP-1 is equipped with two 60W high-power square copper wire toroidal transformers, providing power separately to the volume control unit of the left and right channels and the main amplification unit, achieving independent dual-channel design from the source. Compared to traditional toroidal transformers with circular cross-section wire, square copper wire has a larger conductor surface, higher current capacity, and lower resistance, resulting in better transient response and richer low frequencies. Paired with the M-Lytic AG series filter capacitors from MUNDORF, it adds a silky smoothness and mellow to the sound.

H-Shaped Chassis Structure

The H-shaped structure is a unique design created by Matrix Audio for the M series products, born from two years of continuous optimization and improvement considering various aspects such as mechanics relationship, circuit layout, and exterior appearance. The 20mm CNC aluminum plate become the support structure of the entire device after dozens of procedures, serving as the core of the H-shaped structure. All components are mounted on the aluminum plate, and the entire weight is supported by heavy-duty feet installed on the main beam, making it solid and stable. After the panels are installed, multiple isolated cavities are formed with the main beam. Different circuit modules are properly placed in each cavity, effectively reducing interference between circuit modules. The circuit modules for the left and right channels are symmetrically arranged on both sides, creating a balanced visual impression.

Elegant Industrial Design & Refined Build Quality

The ingenious industrial design is an indispensable part of our product, flowing out the brand-new Matrix Design language from dots, lines and surfaces. Each component undergoes multiple delicate CNC machining and surface treatments, providing a exquisite and comfortable matte texture, allowing you to feel the unique craftsmanship in operation, displaying a distinctive elegant temperament.

Warm & Delicate Sound

The MP-1 preamplifier delivers warm and delicate sound, with powerful low frequencies without sacrificing the details in the highs. Whether you are listening to chamber music or symphony orchestra, everything is presented perfectly under the control of the MP-1. Every detail of the M series embodies our pursuit of excellence. Everything you hear, see and touch is the final presentation by team Matrix Audio through continuous trial and fail, meticulous polishing, and careful calibration. We persevere tirelessly, striving to make things more beautiful and the sound more captivating.


Audio Specifications

XLR input Impedance


RCA input Impedance


XLR Output Impedance


RCA Output Impedance


Maximum XLR Input Level


Maximum XLR Output Level


Maximum RCA Input Level


Maximum RCA Output Level


Frequency Response

20-20kHz ±0.1 250kHz@-3dB

Dynamic Range of XLR Output

129dB@A-weighting, 125dB@Unweighting

Dynamic Range of RCA Output

125dB@A-weighting, 120dB@Unweighting

THD+N of XLR Output

<0.00015%@A-weighting, <0.00020%@Unweighting

THD+N of RCA Output

<0.00040%@A-weighting, <0.00040%@Unweighting

Crosstalk of XLR Output


Crosstalk of RCA Output



Volume Steps



Trigger in

DC 6-12V < 10mA

Trigger out

DC 12V/50mA MAX

Power Specs

Power Voltage

AC 100V-120V 50/60Hz or AC 220V-240V 50/60Hz Factory fixed

Standby Power Consumption

< 1W

Maximum Power Consumption

< 70W

Weight & size


15.7kg (34.6pounds)


Width: 430 mm (16.93 inches)

Depth: 349 mm (13.74 inches)

Height: 106 mm (4.17 inches)


RM4C remote control x 1

Power cable x 1

Trigger cable x 1

User manual x 1

Warranty card x 1

For improvement purpose, specifications subject to changes without prior notice.

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