「Matrix Audio」released its new flagship Hi-Fi system - M series at High Eng Munich 2024


At the High End Munich 2024 on May 9, 2024, Matrix Audio announced its new flagship Hi-Fi system M series which includes three new models.


The all-new M series marks a milestone for Matrix Audio as it advances towards traditional Hi-Fi systems. This series includes the music streamer MS-1, the preamplifier MP-1 and the power amplifier MA-1, forming a complete flagship system of Matrix Audio that presents our understanding of Hi-Fi audio.


At the High End Munich, Matrix Audio provided a detailed introduction to the technical innovations and product highlights of the M series. The M series can be seen as a condensation of Matrix's team spirit of relentlessly pursuing excellence in Hi-Fi products, aiming to bring users a precise, balanced and emotional musical experience.


With the launch of the M series, the MA Remote App comes to its 4.0 era. The UI of the new app continues the brand's consistent minimalist style, using a new color scheme, further enhancing human-computer interaction efficiency and operational convenience.


At Matrix Audio's booth, many media representatives and visitors expressed high appreciation and expectations for the highlights and innovations of the M series products and MA Remote App.

Matrix Audio's new flagship Hi-Fi system M series will be available for order in July.

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