Legacy models

element M

element M continues the simple, stable and modern design language of the element family. Through element M, we are looking for a balance between performance, functionalities and price, hoping to provide a very simplified desktop two-channel stereo solution for mid-range active speaker and mid-range headphone users. It runs Matrix Audio independent developed audio playback system MA player based on a quad-core ARM processor, no matter matter local music files from USB drives or NAS, or streaming audio from TIDAL, Qobuz and Spotify can be controlled and played through your mobile devices.

element i

The 4th member of the element family, the element i has most of the functions of higher models in the series. The D/A convertion and headphone amplification part are exactly the same as the element M. It also supports MA Remote and has passed the Roon Ready certification, and supports local music playback, online streaming, local network streaming and Internet radio. Its external power supply design allows audiophiles to add different PSU to explore a different listening experience.

element H

element H was born to improve the output quality of USB of PCs, from two aspects including data transfer quality and noise level of the power supply. To make it adopt to the requirements for Hi-Fi audio data transfer. Improvements from the source of the signals.

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