Legacy models

element P

The first integrated power amplifier in the element series music streamer. It has a quad-core ARM processor and runs the MA player digital audio / streaming playback system by Matrix. The local music files from flash disk, hard drive or network drive, and the streaming music from TIDAL, Qobuz or Spotify, can be streamed to the element P from your mobile device in the network. The built-in ICEpower amplification module has a ultra low distortion and high SNR, which and can produce 230W of power per channel under a 4 Ω load.


Based on the highly-praised X-SABRE Pro, we added MQA full decoder for it. This is Matrix's first DAC that supports full unfold of MQA audio files. It inherits the full CNC structure of this product line, adopts an optimized UI design, and uses a higher-performance S/PDIF receiver chip. This enables X-SABRE Pro MQA to work with modern high-resolution streaming applications and obtain a master quality sound experience.

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