MP-1, present the live performance of music faithfully



Precision resistor array volume control

MP-1 features a voltage-divider volume control by resistor array. Four high-quality volume control units composed of 64 precision resistors with 0.001 accuracy and 32 fully sealed reed relays which are switched rapidly by the MCU. This control method not only minimizes any impact on sound quality but also ensures excellent consistency between the two channels. The operation noise of the reed relays is almost inaudible even when changing volume continuously.


Three pairs of RCA and three pairs of XLR inputs

MP-1 features 3 pairs of RCA inputs and 3 pairs of XLR inputs, with the ability to independently set level attenuation and compensation for each input. This ensures that the amplitude of all input signals remains at a consistent level, avoiding the volume differences when switching between different audio sources.


One pair of RCA output and two pairs of XLR output

MP-1 has 1 pair of RCA outputs and 2 pairs of XLR outputs, capable of output simultaneously or separately. When outputting separately, the volume for each output can be adjusted individually, making it easier to achieve comfortable volume levels when connecting multiple power amplifiers and different speakers. When both XLR outputs are used at the same time, it's possible to connect four power amplifiers to drive the mid-high range drivers and low-range drivers of the speakers separately, to achieve a bi-amping mode.


The MP-1 preamplifier delivers warm and delicate sound, with powerful low frequencies without sacrificing the details in the highs. Whether you are listening to chamber music or symphony orchestra, everything is presented perfectly under the control of the MP-1.

Every detail of the M series embodies our pursuit of excellence. Everything you hear, see and touch is the final presentation by team Matrix Audio through continuous trial and fail, meticulous polishing, and careful calibration. We persevere tirelessly, striving to make things more beautiful and the sound more captivating.

More news and information are coming, please stay tuned.

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