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Matrix Audio's specially designed analog audio cables for Hi-Fi systems. We tuned them carefully, to perfectly complement Matrix Audio products.

Audible difference

The wire is constructed from two 1mm×0.3mm OCC flat wires. Unlike commonly used round conductors, we specially selected rectangular conductors to achieve a larger surface area, resulting in rich and powerful low-frequency performance. By using OCC without silver plating, both high and low frequencies maintain the same speed, avoiding the harshness caused by silver plating and allowing the high frequencies to extend smoothly without losing warmth. The outer layer features a braided OFC shield and a nylon sleeve, which blocks external electromagnetic interference, ensuring a clean and deep background.

Smooth connection

The CNC aluminum connectors designed by Matrix Audio, feature 50µm gold-plated pins, reducing connection resistance and preventing pin oxidation. The minimalist cylindrical design fully embodies Matrix Audio's consistent commitment to simplicity.

Always applicable

The cable comes with both XLR and RCA connectors, suitable for balanced and unbalanced connections. Additionally, it is available in 1m and 2.5m lengths. The 1m length is ideal for connecting between audio devices, preventing unnecessary coiling and tangling. For connecting to active speakers, the 2.5m length is recommended to accommodate flexible speaker placement.





7.8mm (Including braided nylon sleeve)

Specs of main conductor

1mm x 0.3mm flat wire x2

Material of main conductor


Plug head

RCA/XLR male

Plug end

RCA/XLR female

For improvement purpose, specifications subject to changes without prior notice.

OCC Hi-Fi Analog Audio Cable

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