[Show Report] Highlight moments from 2024 The 4th Beijing International Audio Exhibition


From May 31 to June 3, 2024, the Beijing International Audio Exhibition came to a successful conclusion. This show brought exhibitors from audio industries, audiophiles and media press from all over the country gathered here.

At this show, Matrix Audio brought its music streamer MS-1, preamplifier MP-1 and element series products, presented a high-standard music festival to the audiophiles. Now let's review the wonderful moments of the show.


2024 Beijing International Audio Exhibition

The slogan of this show is "Bring Hi-Fi into your daily life", which showcases cutting-edge audio-visual technology with a variety of products and adds to the exhibition's performance with rich activities. This event brings together more than 150 well-known audio manufacturers and record press and distributors in and out of China, and showcases more than 1,000 brands of various audio products. The show was divided into four major exhibition areas, including two-channel HiFi audio, multi-channel home theater, records, and headphones/portable audio areas.


First demo of Matrix Audio M series

The all new music streamer MS-1 and preamplifier MP-1 features HEDD Tower Mains active speakers. This is the first time the M series products display and demo in 2 channel audio show in China, which attracted a lot of fans of Matrix Audio to come to this show. The sound processed by MS-1 and MP-1 features a clean sound base, and the tone is naturally balanced, restoring the music in a neutral and rational manner.



We displayed the music streamer MS-1 Pre features Genelec The Ones 8361 active speakers. This setup is one of the highlights of this show. The MS-1 Pre has super high resolution and can accurately interpret every detail in the music. With the support of Genelec 8361 speakers, it also demonstrates its strength duely.





Desktop Hi-Fi headphone systems

We displayed element series, mini-i series and X-SABRE 3 at Sanding Audio's booths, featuring headphones such as HEDDphone TWO, ZMF Caldera, Austrian Audio The Composer, Denon AH-D7200 and AH-D9200.






Breaking! The demo tour of the new flagship HiFi system M series will start soon. Stay tuned!

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