Various connectivity of MS-1, helping you enter the digital audio world effortlessly



Rich digital input interfaces

Equipped with comprehensive digital input ports, MS-1 can be used as a high-end DAC. With USB, optical, coaxial or IIS-LVDS digital inputs, it can be connected to computers, CD transports, set-top boxes, game consoles and other devices, allowing the audio from these devices to be output through high-quality DAC in MS-1, creating a high-quality audio experience at every aspects.


At the same time, MS-1 also works as a high-level audio transport that can output all playing audio as high-resolution signals through IIS-LVDS port. Including audio signals from analog input and phono input. Which enables you to connect to other DACs to achieve different listening experiences.


Line inputs & phono inputs

MS-1 has two pairs of line inputs and one pair of phono input. With XLR and RCA line inputs allowing you to integrate any device with analog output into the digital audio system. The built-in phono preamplifier supports both MM and MC modes, enabling direct connection to a vinyl turntable. All analog audio inputs are converted to digital audio through high-precision ADC, aggregated into the digital processing unit and applied PCM filters. These signals are also allowed to output from the IIS-LVDS port.


Line output & preamp output

MS-1 supports multiple of line output mode. And MS-1 Pre can keep its untra low distortion even when output audio signals up to 16VRMS. It can be connected to power amplifiers or active speakers directly. Additionally, MS-1 Pre offers a pair of fixed-level XLR line outputs, which can be used simultaneously with the pre-out. Enables you to connect it to other recording and monitoring devices.


SFP port & Gigabit Ethernet

In order to isolate high-frequency interference from switches and front-end network devices, we have added an SFP interface, enabling the music streamer to connect to the local network via fiber optic cables. With the electrical isolation properties of fiber optic transmission, the electrical connection between the front-end switch and the music streamer can be completely disconnected, ensuring a purer sound. Of course, we also retain the Ethernet port for convenient connection without altering your network structure.


The MS-1 has a pure sound with natural and balanced tone that remains true to music without any coloration. It accurately interprets every detail in the music with a rational and neutral attitude, providing your system with a clear source.


Every detail of the M series embodies our pursuit of excellence. Everything you hear, see and touch is the final presentation by team Matrix Audio through continuous trial and fail, meticulous polishing, and careful calibration. We persevere tirelessly, striving to make things more beautiful and the sound more captivating.


We will continuously update more information about the new line up. Please stay tuned. 

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