Matrix Audio exhibits in 2021 Guangzhou High End Show


Still remember, the typhoon Mangkhut attacked Guangzhou at 2018, when the 25th Guangzhou Hi-End Show was taking place in Guangzhou China. When the show ended, we come out of the exhibition hall, trees fell to the ground, rubbish everywhere, it was still raining, we were cold and starved, but all the restaurants were closed due to the typhoon.

Due to the COVID-19, the 2020 Guangzhou Hi-End Show was only allowed to display some car speakers at a open field. The home audio exhibitors have no chance to display their products.

Till last month, everyone believe the pandemic in China was "over", at least it was not as serious as last year. The 27th Guangzhou Hi-End Show was ready for the visitors at 28th May, 2021.

We got ready at the morning, visitors were buying tickets and waiting for entering the show rooms before 9:00 am. We had a happy day at day 1 of the show. Over 500 visitors visited the showroom of Matrix Audio.

In this show, you still can find products of Matrix Audio in many other demo rooms. Such as Genelec, Aurum Cantus, LALS and SHENZHENAUDIO.

But the second day was the nightmare of this show, with one and another COVID-19 cases confirmed in Guangzhou, the local goverment stopped the show urgently. We decided to stop the show immediately. At 1:00 pm, we shipped all the equipment to Matrix Audio company, modified the flight and cancelled the hotel.

Once again, almost all the restaurant were closed, finally the Matrix team found a small pizza restaurant and had something. Left Guangzhou...

The pandemic changed our life deeply. Wish all the audiophiles, music-lovers, and all the friends who saw this post, would keep away from the virus. Keep healthy, and stay safe!






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