Update of Roon certification of mini-i 3 series products


Dear Customer:

In the past weeks, we have been in close communication with Roon Labs partner team regarding the Roon Ready certification of mini-i Pro 3/mini-i 3, we did large number of tests. Affected by the Christmas and New Year's holidays, the new firmware test was postponed until the end of the holiday. It seems that we cannot get the Roon Ready certification within 2020, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

In order to avoid misleading and confusing customers' purchase behavior, we have decided to temporarily remove Roon Ready related marketing materials from the webpage of mini-i Pro 3/mini-i 3. These marketing materials will be resumed after Roon Ready certification is completed.

Before the mini-i Pro 3/mini-i 3 be certified by Roon Labs, these models will not be able to work as Roon endpoint. If using a mini-i Pro 3/mini-i 3 as a Roon endpoint is your main purpose for purchasing it, we suggest you to purchase these models after we get them certified.

If you want to use a Matrix product as a Roon Ready endpoint, please consider to puechase element X, element P, element M or element i. This product line have got Roon Ready certification on May 29th, 2020.

Please allow us to apologize once again for the inconvenience caused by the delay of mini-i Pro 3/mini-i 3 to pass the Roon Ready certification as scheduled! Happy New Year 2021!

Matrix Team


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