Firmware update tutorial of X-SABRE Pro MQA


Range of application

This tutorial and firmware files only apply to X-SABRE PRO (MQA), not for non-MQA version of X-SABRE Pro. Please do not attempt to apply this firmware to any other models.

Click HERE to download the upgrade tool and new firmware files.

X-SABRE PRO (MQA) firmware update instruction:

Warning: During the update process, please ensure X-SABRE Pro (MQA) connected to PC with an USB cable reliably, and the power supply connection is reliable. Unexpected power supply failure or disconnection will cause the device firmware to be damaged and may not work properly.

Part 1: MCU v3.0 firmware update

1. Press and hold the upgrade button on rear panel, then plug in the power cable, release the upgrade button until the screen shows "Upgrade Mode", as shown below:

2. Connect X-SABRE Pro (MQA) to PC via USB port, screen will show “USB Active”, as shown below:

3. Run the update tool "Matrix_Audio_DAC_DFU_V1.0.exe", when the X-SABRE Pro (MQA) connected and recognized by the program, it will show as the following picture:

4. Load the update image file X-SABRE_Pro_MQA_v3.0.hex, as shown below:

5. Click the "Erase/Program/Verify" button to start update, the DFU tool will notify you when update finished:

6. After the update finished successfully, click "Reset" button.

Current firmware version could be checked at setting menu, it will display as following picture when updated successfully:

7. X-SABRE Pro (MQA) will enter standby mode after reset, now you can wake it up and proceed the following steps.

Part 2: XMOS v3.30 firmware update

1. Turn on X-SABRE PRO (MQA) and connect it to PC with an USB cable, run "Matrix_AudioDfu.exe" which can be found in driver installer files. Click the following URL to download the latest driver and DFU tool.


When the device recognized by DFU tool correctly, the current firmware version will be displayed as shown below:

2. Browse and find XMOS firmware file X-SABRE_Pro_MQA_XMOS_v3.30.bin, click “Start” button:

3. Several seconds later, the program will notify you upgrade finished, and the current firmware displays v3.30, as shown below:

4. Reboot X-SABRE Pro (MQA) after firmware update.

If there is an unexpected situation during updating, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Technical support:

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