MA-1, providing surging power, showing craftsmanship



Dual transformer & filter capacitor matrix

Independent transformers for the left and right channels enable a fully independent dual-channel design, with a total power supply of 1250VA. The main power is ±80V. Each channel features 14 parallel-connected 6,800µF capacitors, forming the main power supply filtering capacitor matrix. The total capacity of capacitors for both channels reaches 190,000µF. Compared to a single capacitor with the same capacity, multiple capacitors in parallel features lower equivalent internal resistance, ensuring greater flexibility in handling large current outputs.


Unique H-shaped chassis structure

The H-shaped structure is a unique design created by Matrix Audio for the M series products, born from two years of continuous optimization and improvement considering various aspects such as mechanics relationship, circuit layout, and exterior appearance.

The 20mm CNC aluminum plate become the support structure of the entire device after dozens of procedures, serving as the core of the H-shaped structure. All components are mounted on the aluminum plate, and the entire weight is supported by heavy-duty feet installed on the main beam, making it solid and stable. After the panels are installed, multiple isolated cavities are formed with the main beam. Different circuit modules are properly placed in each cavity, effectively reducing interference between circuit modules. The circuit modules for the left and right channels are symmetrically arranged on both sides, creating a balanced visual impression.

Active thermal management

The MCU continuously samples the temperature with two sensors on the main heatsink, constantly monitoring the temperature of the heatsink. When the temperature exceeds the preset value, a 7.4" ultra-quiet fan runs automatically and adjusts the fan speed dynamically. You'll hard to notice the fan is working even when the device is at low volume or muted. The isolated duct design ensures that there are no electronic components inside the airflow path, preventing dust accumulation from long-term operation.

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