MA-1, the first class AB power amplifier by Matrix Audio



Evaluating audio products from the dimensions of "listening" and "looking" has always been our consistent philosophy. From concept to design, every step contains the love for music and the pursuit of beauty. MA-1 is Matrix Audio's first Class AB power amplifier. Its industrial design showcases our concept of simplicity. With hundreds of circular perforations of varying sizes and depths arranged in an array on the simple hexahedron, resembling rhythmic beats dancing and emerging on the surface.

Design concept

A power amplifier serves as the backbone of the entire audio system, requiring comprehensive performance that excels both in dynamic and nuanced scenarios. It should surge powerfully during intense moments and delicately reveal subtleties with finesse. The MA-1 is born for the MS-1 and MP-1, offering precise matching and tuning to ensure that the entire system delivers exceptional audio performance and operational experience.


Class AB multi-triode in parallel push-pull output

In order to aquire an ultra low output impedance and improve control to the sound, we applied 10 ONSEMI high-power transistors in each channel to compose a push-pull amplification circuitry, which operating at a high bias current state. The static power consumption is up to 300W. At an 8-ohm load, it provides 250W output power per channel, and 450W output power per channel at a 4-ohm load.


Gain adjust

The amplifier has two gain levels. The normal gain is +30dB, which can be attenuated to +24dB. Allowing you to setup the amplifier with different pre-amps and speakers.


Output power



More news and information are coming, please stay tuned.

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