[Audio Show] Beijing International Audio Exhibition 2024



From May 31st to June 3rd, the 2024 Beijing International Audio Exhibition will take place at Beijing Music Industrial Park. The theme of this exhibition is "Bringing Hi-Fi into your daily life". Bringing together four major sections, including audio exhibitions, master classes, live performances, and music markets. Through thematic and diverse activities, the show aims to expand the boundaries of musical life and offer a unique immersive music interaction experience.

Show information

Date: May 31st - June 3rd.

Location: Beijing Music Industrial Park

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HEDD [Block 11, 11-32]


Source: MS-1 music streamer, MP-1 preamplifier

Speakers: HEDD Tower Mains active speakers

Audio Hurricane [Block 12, TD]


Source: MS-1 Pre music streamer

Speakers: Genelec The Ones 8361 active speakers

Sanding Audio [Block 12, C12B]

2222 2.jpg

element series

element X2 Pure music streamer、element X2 music streamer、element M2 music streamer、element i2 music streamer、element S music streamer

mini-i series

mini-i Pro 4 music streamer、mini-i 4 music streamer

X-SABRE X series

X-SABRE 3 music streaming DAC

The streamers above will pair with headphones including HEDDphone TWO, ZMF Caldera, Austrian Audio The Composer, Denon AH-D7200 and AH-D9200.


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