MP-1, the first class A preamplifier by Matrix Audio



Evaluating audio products from the dimensions of "listening" and "looking" has always been our consistent philosophy. From concept to design, every step contains the love for music and the pursuit of beauty. MP-1 is Matrix Audio's first Class A preamplifier. Its industrial design showcases our concept of simplicity. With hundreds of circular perforations of varying sizes and depths arranged in an array on the simple hexahedron, resembling rhythmic beats dancing and emerging on the surface.

Design concept

The preamplifier acts as the commander in the audio system. Only precise orders can bring out the best performance from the audio source and power amplifier. The MP-1 is the key point in the chain, it process the input music accurately, endowing it with rich tones and textures, allowing you to hear the sound of music, see the face of music, and feel the soul of music. It is also the sculptor of music.


Pure Class-A high bias current uncoupled output

The fully differential transistor input stage circuit design features extremely low noise and excellent linearity. The output stage is designed as a high-bias current pure Class A output, free from crossover distortion. It operates under a low-noise power supply of up to 60V to achieve extraordinary dynamic range. The output DC servo circuit keeps the output midpoint offset within 1mV, no coupling capacitors involving ensures a flatter frequency response, allowing the original sound to be presented as it is.


Full balanced four independent amplification units

The main amplifier of MP-1 consists of four independent fully balanced amplification units. Each channel has two amplification units working together, responsible for amplifying the in-phase and inverted signals. Even in RCA input mode, the signal will be converted into a bipolar signal for amplification, effectively suppressing common-mode noise and improving dynamic performance.


Full linear power supply with flat copper wire transformers

MP-1 is equipped with two 60W high-power square copper wire toroidal transformers, providing power separately to the volume control unit of the left and right channels and the main amplification unit, achieving independent dual-channel design from the source. Compared to traditional toroidal transformers with circular cross-section wire, square copper wire has a larger conductor surface, higher current capacity, and lower resistance, resulting in better transient response and richer low frequencies. Paired with the M-Lytic AG series filter capacitors from MUNDORF, it adds a silky smoothness and mellow to the sound. 


More informations of the new lineup are coming. Please stay tuned.

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