High End Munich 2024 Report – Oscar’s Halls Report Part 1



Not just focused on Headfi, Oscar was snoofling through the Halls and Atria to cover as much of the show as possible, here is part 1 of Oscar’s coverage of the High End Munich 2024 Halls which covers hall 2 and part of hall 3.


Matrix Audio unveiled a new range of flagship products, the MS-1 streamer, MP-1 pre-amplifier and MA-1 power amplifier, these were paired with a pair of Fink Audio Borg speakers. From the brief listen I had, this is some serious kit at affordable prices – the stereo power amp is Class A/B and kicks out 450w at 8Ohms and 900w at 4Ohms in bridged mono mode or 250wpc at 8Ohms and 450wpc at 4Ohms in stereo mode. The streamer is a fully fledged device with loads of digital inputs, balanced and RCA analogue inputs (including a MM and MC phono stage) alongside digital outputs for using with an external DAC and analogue outputs (both fixed and variable). The MP-1 pre-amplifier is a full class-a pre-amp with balanced and RCA inputs, trigger in/out, resistor array volume control (which is barely audible) and fully balanced internal design. 









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