[Show Report] Highlight moments from Shenzhen Hi-end Audio And Headphone Exhibition 2024


Last weekend, the Shenzhen Hi-end Audio And Headphone Exhibition 2024 happened at Shenzhen Futian Sport Park, Matrix Audio displayed element series, mini-i series, X-SABRe 3 and the new flagship music streamer MS-1 in this show.



Shenzhen Hi-end Audio And Headphone Exhibition

Shenzhen Hi-end Audio And Headphone Exhibition is part of CIHE, which is the the earliest and largest audio show for Hi-Fi headphone and portable audio in China. In the past years, CIHE was successfully held in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Wuhan every year. CIHE received a very good reputation by the audiophiles from these cities.



The Superstars element series and mini-i series

During the show, the element series and mini-i series devices are always superstars, especially the mini-i Pro 4. They thought it was small, exquisite, and fully functional. Whether it is connecting to headphones or speakers at home, it is very convenient, has excellent sound quality and is very cost-effective.




The Burson Soloiist GT headphone amp was feeding by the combination of X-SABRE 3 and element S, as well as an element X2 Pure, connecting to Caldera headphones from ZMF. Other element devices and mini-i Pro 4 were paired with Austrian Audio Composer, Denon AH-D7200 and AH-d9200 headphones. These combinations are all displaying a good sound quality and operation experiences to the visitors.



In this show, the MA Remote App also received a lot of good reviews. The new UI and smooth experiences, helping users to listen to streaming music effortlessly.Through MA Remote App, local music and streaming music from TIDAL, Qobuz, HIGHRESAUDIO and SONY Select can be browsed and played conveniently. FM radio, vTuner radio and Radio Paradise are also available in the app.MA Remote App is easy to use, even a starter can get familiar with the app quickly. They can manage the local storage and network drives conveniently, and can find the music they want in a few minutes.



The debut of MS-1 music streamer

We just released the Matrix Audio M-series flagship system on HighEnd Munich 2024, which includes the MS-1 music streamer, MP-1 preamplifier and MA-1 power amplifier. Among them, the MS-1 music streamer made its debut in China. It is a new product for traditional Hi-Fi speaker systems. This debut also allows headphone audiophiles in the Greater Bay Area to take a first look at it. 




More and more audiophiles from the Greater Bay Area understand and recognize Matrix Audio through this show. You'll find more exciting moments on the social media of Matrix Audio. Please stay tuned.

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