Dual-core collaboration and precision control



Dual chipsets per channel

Matrix Audio's first product based on AKM D/A solution, featuring dual AK4191 and AK4499 flagship D/A chipsets. Each chipset works in parallel in mono mode. The left and right channel PCB assemblies are mounted at two sides of the device separately, to form a completely dual mono design. Aiming to a precise signal reproduction and outstanding dynamic range, you can catch every micro details of sound, deeply restoring the essence of music.


Built-in preamp and precision resistor array volume control (only for MS-1 Pre)

MS-1 Pre has a built-in preamplifier which uses voltage-divider volume control by resistor array. Four high-quality volume control units composed of 64 precision resistors with 0.001 accuracy and 32 fully sealed reed relays which are switched rapidly by the MCU. This control method not only minimizes any impact on sound quality but also ensures excellent consistency between the two channels. The operation noise of the reed relays is almost inaudible even when changing volume continuously.


DPLL and external clock input

Unlike previous Matrix Audio products, the MS-1 is equipped with a high-performance DPLL clock synthesis circuit. The ultra-low phase noise reference clock works with the DPLL circuit generates an clock signal with jitter as low as 45fs in real-time, providing a reference for the entire digital audio circuitry. If you have a higher-precision 10MHz external clock, you can connect it to the clock input port to enhance the performance of the internal audio clock.


Hardware async PCM resampling & DSD conversion

You can let the built-in asynchronous upsampling and DSD conversion engine process all the audio data in digital stage. With asynchronous resampling and interpolation operations, jitters will be isolated and details will be improved. The DSD converter transforms all playing audio into DSD, enhancing sound density. The processing engine features adjustable PCM or DSD conversion configurations, allowing you to experience the sound differences under different settings.


Customized square cooper wire transformer

We customized two high-power toroidal transformers with square copper wire for the digital and analog sections of MS-1. Compared to traditional toroidal transformers with circular cross-section wire, square copper wire has a larger conductor surface, higher current capacity, and lower resistance, resulting in better transient response and richer low frequencies. 


Full linear power supply

Paired with the M-Lytic AG series filter capacitors from MUNDORF, it adds a silky smoothness and mellow to the sound. Dozens of low-noise LDOs and ultra-low-noise LDOs provide ample power supply to each circuit unit, even including the SSD, pursuing excellence at every stage.

Frame 557.jpg

We will continuously update more information about the new line up. Please stay tuned. 

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