Matrix Audio MS-1 | Hardware is just the body, software is it's soul



Evaluating audio products from the dimensions of "listening" and "looking" has always been our consistent philosophy. From concept to design, every step contains the love for music and the pursuit of beauty. MS-1 is Matrix Audio's brand-new flagship music streamer. Its industrial design showcases our concept of simplicity. With hundreds of circular perforations of varying sizes and depths arranged in an array on the simple hexahedron, resembling rhythmic beats dancing and emerging on the surface.

Design concept

The source device is the soul of an audio system. Hardwares contribute the body of MS-1, while software is the soul. We not only prioritize audio quality but also focus on the user experience. We simplify the human-maschine interaction and emphosize music info display on the device screen. We insist on allowing you to comfortably control your entire audio system from your listening position, picking up your phone or tablet to operate it through the MA Remote App, rather than frequently getting up to touch the device. Even from the basic functions like volume change, track selection and playback to configurations such as filters, operating modes and display brightness, everything can be done on the app. This is all supported by our meticulously developed MA Player software system.


MA Player 

This is a streamlined and optimized software system based on Linux. It is specially designed for Hi-Fi audio playback. Which is exclusively available for Matrix Audio's products. Today, MA Player has evolved to a new level, not only enhancing its playback performance but also introducing numerous new features, improving the interactive experience.

MA PLayer.jpg

MA Remote App 4.0

When paired with MA Remote App, music streamer MS-1 will be more powerful. MA Remote App is the core tool for controlling the device, it is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Install the MA Remote App on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone, they become the most convenient control centers, allowing you to browse and play your local music, enjoy high-resolution music from streaming platforms like SONY Select, TIDAL, Qobuz and HIGHRESAUDIO, listen to exciting online radio stations. Even when music is streaming from other apps, you also can view the track information through the MA Remote App. Furthermore, the MA Remote App allows you to set every hardware configuration, completely changing the operation of an audio device.

MA Remote App 4.0 has been launched in mid-April. It has added filtering, sorting and some other functions. Keep the device firmware and app up to date, experience the new functionality and new UI design.

MA Remote App-en.jpg

Local Playback

For the audiophiles who have a large collection of local music library, MS-1 offers multiple of methods to play them. It not onlu supports play from USB storage device and NAS drives. MS-1 also supports play from the internal SSD.

In order to avoid plug and unplug USB drives frequently, we put a M.2 SSD slot on the buttom of MS-1, where you can install a NVMe SSD to it as a internal storage. Unlike a 2.5" or 3.5" HDD, the SSD completely avoids rotation vibration and noises when reading the disk. The contents on the SSD can be managed by network sharing. With MA Remote App, the music files in the external USB drives also can be copied to the internal SSD. This definitely a highlight functionality of MS-1 music streamer.


We will continuously update more information about the new line up. Please stay tuned.

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