[Show Review] 「Matrix Audio」won Excellent Hi-Fi Audio Gold and Silver Award from CIHE


「Matrix Audio」mini-i Pro 4 black version had its first show  in China International Headphone Expo 2023 at Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center from December 16th to 17th. In that show, 「Matrix Audio」presented all the product lines for audiophiles.




One day before the show started, 「Matrix Audio」attended China Headphone Industry Award Ceremony held by the organizer of CIHE. 「Matrix Audio」‘s element X2 Pure and mini-i Pro 4 won the Excellent Hi-Fi Audio Gold and Silver Award in the high-end DAC/AMP category. 「Matrix Audio」 won China's Top 10 Digital Audio Brand Award.




Compared with the past shows, we have made some changes in the device setups at this show. To let every audio lovers to catch the surprising sparks when「Matrix Audio」combines with different audio gears. Let's review the great show.




From the audiophiles:

  • 「Matrix Audio」's products have a neutral sound, they are easy to pair with other devices.

  • All the models from「Matrix Audio」have the same design language and can be easily recognized by the first glance.

  • The MA Remote App works smoothly and compatible with many streaming services. Bravo!

  • I am interested in the "M&M Hi-Fi Suite", which includes 「Matrix Audio」 mini-i Pro 4 and Meze 109 Pro headphones. I love the newly announced black version mini-i Pro 4 as well, which looks premium.

  • The combination of element X2 Pure and Burson Soloist 3X GT headphone amp is amazing, which drives Hifiman Susvara very well. It sounds so powerful that it can be drived completely without any problem, which really surprised me!

  • (Experiencing the combination of 「Matrix Audio」 element S and Chord Hugo TT) When I put on the headphones, I feel warm in an instant! It is completely different from what I have heard before. The music has many details and is very shocking.

  • I'm interested in the combination of a pure digital audio transport element S and the pure DAC X-SABRE 3, I need such setup at my home.

  • I love the all-in-one solution which is suitable for my scenario. The setup takes into account my headphones and speakers systems.







The temperature dropped sharply during the two days of the show. The visitors who could come really had a deep love for audio. Which made our hearts full of warmth. Thank you very much for your support of「Matrix Audio」. See you next year~

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