[Notice]Statement Regarding Roon Ready Certification of Matrix Products


Dear Customer,

We submitted the test prototypes of element S in February and submitted mini-i 4 and mini-i Pro 4 in June to Roon Labs for certification. We allocated adequate time according to the typical timeline of Roon certification. Over the past period, we have addressed almost all the issues they reported. However, we are currently stuck with an issue that we haven't encountered in previous certification tests. We are also seeking technical assistance from Roon to help us resolve it as soon as possible.

We can well understand that customers wants an accurate timeframe regarding when these models can be certified by Roon. However, the certification process is a joint decision made by both「 Matrix Audio 」and Roon Labs. As one party in this process, we are unable to provide an exact time. Nevertheless, we hope that this process will conclude within 2023. With time goes by, as more and more uncertified products were sold, our pressure is increasing as well. As of July, this task has been elevated to the highest priority within our development department. To complete the Roon Ready certification as soon as possible is currently the most urgent work for 「 Matrix Audio 」.

We have already noted on the product page of these models that Roon Ready certification is in progress at the time of product launch. However, we realize that not all customers read this information. In many cases, this information may not be communicated to customers due to different sales channels, which leading to a cognitive deviation for customers and affecting their purchase decisions. This can result in a misunderstanding between expected and actual product performance. Therefore, we have decided to temporarily remove Roon Ready-related information for these models from the official website of 「 Matrix Audio 」, starting from today. This information will be reinstated once the certification is passed. We will request authorized dealers of 「 Matrix Audio 」 to inform customers clearly before sales. And advise customers to postpone their purchase if Roon is the main functionality for them.

Thank you for understanding. We will continue to work diligently to address the issues and progress with the testing until the Roon certification is passed.

「Matrix Audio」

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