A decade in the industry, unchanging original aspirations | This is the 10th Anniversary of 「Matrix Audio」



Time flies, 「Matrix Audio」is about to celebrate its tenth anniversary since its inception. This marks an exciting milestone where we pay tribute to past achievements while envisioning the blueprints for the future.

Our story begins with a reunion in 2006 among three classmates who shared a love for music and a fascination for audio equipment. This shared passion sparked the idea of making a significant impact in the audio industry. After enduring trials and challenges, in 2013, the brand「Matrix Audio」 was officially registered in the beautiful ancient city, Xi'an. This marked the company's transition into a promising phase of development.


History of 「Matrix Audio」 

Since the inception of the three founders' involvement in the audio world, 「Matrix Audio」has adhered to the passionate mission of "focusing on audio source devices".

Looking back on the entrepreneurial journey of the past decade, it all began in 2006 with the debut of the groundbreaking DAC DA-100Plus. In 2009, the best-selling product line was born—the first-generation mini-i DAC. Continuing on, in 2013, the brand was officially registered as 「Matrix Audio」.  In the same year, the first-gen X-SABRE DAC, utilizing the flagship ES918S D/A chip from ESS and completely CNC enclosure, made its impressive entrance. The element series gen 1 was unveiled in 2018. As of this year, 「Matrix Audio」 has also introduced its first digital transport, element S, and the 10th-anniversary edition product, element X2 Pure.


The product lineup spans various categories, including headphone amplifiers, USB audio interfaces, streaming DACs, audio power amplifiers, and music streamers. Every year, 「Matrix Audio」 presents a lot of high-quality audio products with excellent sound and beautiful appearances.

Brand Concept

Throughout our journey, we have consistently strived to seamlessly blend the aesthetics of sound and industrial design into our products. While we remain committed to the pursuit of "focusing on audio source devices", we also ensure that our designs carry a distinct and recognizable style. This philosophy is closely intertwined with the brand concept of 「Matrix Audio」.


The brand name is derived from the mathematical concept "matrix". Matrix is built by portrait and landscape, we name the brand "matrix" because we are looking for the balance between the 2 dimensions. We examine audio products from listening and looking, so we also incorporate this concept into our designs. All of our products not only have excellent audio performance, but also incorporate great designs that can integrate into the home environment. Harmony is the goal of our continuous efforts.


Into The Music is our slogan, which expresses the state of life with music everywhere, enjoy music, and integrate music into our life. Music is the original intention.


At the begaining, 「Matrix Audio」was dedicated to DACs and headphone amplifiers. The team began a gradual transition to adapt to evolving ways of enjoying music from 2016. This shift led us to focus on the development of high-quality audio streamers and companion apps for the devices. As we look back to the year 2018, we reached a significant turning point in the development of our 「Matrix Audio」.

MA player和 MA Remote App的发展.png

With the launch of the first-generation element series products, we introduced the MA player, a high-resolution audio playback system based on Linux, specifically designed for「Matrix Audio」music streamers. This innovative system seamlessly integrates streaming music services to a traditional audio DAC, infusing new life into the creation of high-quality streaming audio source products.

Frame 415.png

The MA Remote App is an integral component of MA player. It is an mobile app for both Android, iOS and iPadOS platforms. While the MA player handles the playback of local music files and streaming audio resources, the MA Remote App takes charge of browsing the library and controlling the playback.

「Matrix Audio」music streamers build a library from the network drive and USB drive, with the assistance of the MA Remote App, users can browse and control music files and playlists from the library. Additionally, the app enables streaming from the Internet or from local streaming resources.

Since embarking on the path of independent R&D of product hardware, software, and apps, 「Matrix Audio」has achieved significant progress. This development has enriched the brand's core competitive strength through the accumulation of technological expertise in both software and hardware. As a result, users have taken a significant leap forward in terms of their overall usage experience.

Future Outlook

After the passage of 3650 days and nights, we are delighted to witness the element series moving towards the brand concept of 「Matrix Audio」.  The X-SABRE series has become a beloved aesthetic design exemplar among users. The recent release of the mini-i series has garnered more recognition and appreciation from music lovers, enabling them to understand 「Matrix Audio」better.

MA Remote App-en.png

The continuously refining and iterate makes MA player and MA Remote App mature and diverse, creating an intelligent streaming audio solution for music lovers. We are also pleased to see 「Matrix Audio」 gradually growing into a popular Chinese Hi-Fi audio brand with over 100 global partners, serving 38 countries and regions worldwide.


A decade in the industry, yet our original aspirations remain unchanged. Viewing our unwavering dedication throughout the ten years, we are still passionated. We express our heartfelt gratitude to the team members who have tirelessly given their day and night, and to all users who have shown us their love and support along the way. 

Looking ahead, 「Matrix Audio」 will continue to uphold the brand's initial commitment of "focusing on audio source devices". Fueled by unwavering passion and belief in the audio world, we will forge ahead, delivering even better and more wonderful high-quality audio products to all music lovers. 

We cordially invite you to witness the splendid journey of 「Matrix Audio」 in the next decade. We'll be waiting for you there!

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