The music streamer element X2 Pure and the audio power amplifier element P2 launch


We are excited to introduce 2 new members of the element lineup of Matrix Audio, the music streamer element X2 Pure, and the audio power amplifier element P2.


For celebrating the 10 years anniversary of establishing the brand Matrix Audio, we released element X2 Pure, the word "Pure" refers  to clean and simple, it presents Matrix Audio's pure heart of making excellent audio products.


Further more, the audio power amplifier element P2 is also live today. With element P2, you can build a premium Hi-Fi audio system with any member of element lineup of Matrix Audio.

The new products are attentively created by Matrix Audio team, and originate from our deep understanding of user requirements. Excellent performance and exquisite production technology bring the more comfortable experience to audiophiles.  The new models will be available for order on April 3, 2023.

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