Matrix Audio releases firmware update for X-SABRE 3


Applicable models: X-SABRE 3

Firmware version: v1.0.1 Build047

What’s new:

  • Fixed the issue that the X-SABRE 3 could not start up in some special cases after connected to power supply for the first time.

  • Fixed the issue that the X-SABRE 3 was set to an incorrect output volume when playing through Roon for the first time after the unit first started up.

Update instructions:

  • Power on your X-SABRE 3 and connect it to the Internet.

  • Enter the Settings menu by tapping the "Gear" touch key on the front panel of the unit.


  • Use the "Left arrow" and "Right arrow" touch key to find the 16th option "Firmware update".


  • Tap the "Gear" touch key to start to check for update, when the display shows like the graph below, tap the "Right arrow" touch key to start to download the firmware.


  • When download completes, tap the "Right arrow" key to start installing the firmware.


  • Check the current firmware version in "Product Info" after the installation completes, the latest version number should be v1.0.1 Build047.

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