Matrix launched v3.0 MA Remote app for Android


We are so excited to announce that the MA Remote v3.0 for Android is available now. Here is the changes in this major version iteration.

New functionality layout

1. Added Genre and Composer category in the Library section. Combining with the alphabet index, you can accurately find the music you want to listen to.

2. Display the album cover and artist images as large pictures.

3. The entrance of My Devices page changed, tap on the device icon at up left corner of the page to easily manage multiple devices.

Easier access to your streaming accounts

1. TIDAL and Qobuz are displayed on Streaming page which can be found on the bottom of the app. The Internet Radio was separated from the Streaming category as an independent functionality, where you can find thousands of radio stations from all over the world.

2. All the local music, streaming music and Internet radio stations that you collected will be displayed in My Favourites.

More convenient operations

1. In the Playing interface, you can view the detailed information of the current track by swiping up, and view the Queue by swiping left.

2. The remote control function takes over your IR remote, you can control the device volume, the input channel, mute and unmute, and select filters here.

Click HERE to turn to the webpage of MA Remote app.

Click HERE to learn more about the changes and operation guide of the new app.

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