MA player

Interconnection of music

A high-quality digital audio / streaming media playback system developed by MATRIX.


MA player is a high-quality digital audio/streaming media playback system developed by Matrix for its streamer products. With MA player, Matrix streamers establish a music library by indexing music files in network shared storage and local storage devices. Music files and playlists can be presented on smartphones and tablets. MA player also supports streaming audio playback.

Music Library

MA player will automatically retrieve storage devices connected to the Matrix streamer, such as flash drives, portable hard drives, MicroSD cards, and even SMB shared folders (NAS). The music files in these storage devices will be sorted as albums and artists in a single music library. You can choose to play music directly , or find music files on your storage device by browsing folders and add them to playlists or play queue.

Various Format and Sampling Rate Support

MA player supports most audio file formats on the market, including: MP3, WMA, WAV, AIF, AIFC, AIFF, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE, ALAC, M4A, DSF, DFF, etc. It supports PCM audio up to 32Bit/768kHz sampling rate, and DSD files up to 22.4MHz sampling rate.

MA Remote APP

You can browse and playback your local music files, online music stream from TIDAL and Qobuz, and even Internet radio stations through the MA Remote App on your iPhone, iPad or Android phones. The device configurations, firmware updates also can be managed by the app.

Roon Ready Certified

Matrix streamers are Roon Ready certified devices. They can work as endpoints in an audio streaming system with a Roon Core. Use the Roon controller devices to browse the audio resources in the core and playback music at any Roon Ready devices in the network. A multi-room high-quality audio streaming system is formed in the local area network.

Streaming Services

MA player supports mainstream high-resolution online streaming media services natively. You can log in to these streaming service accounts through the MA Remote app to browse the massive high-resolution music resources easily and conveniently. Matrix will support more streaming services in future by firmware and app updates.

AirPlay and UPnP

MA player supports AirPlay. As long as the Matrix streamer is connected to the same local area network with your iOS device, it will appear in the AirPlay device list. You can simply send the audio stream to Matrix streamer by selecting it. In addition, the MA player also supports the UPnP protocol. You can send audio streams to the Matrix streamers via a PC, MAC or mobile devices in the LAN.

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