• Activation Code for QUATTRO II DSD Function

Purchase Activation Code and Manual

1. What does the function have after the DSD activated?

After DSD function activated, all the 6 groups digital input port of DSD playback function will be turned on, each port of the DSD format supported as follows:

Optical, Coaxial,AES: DSD64 (DoP and dCS)

USB:  DSD64/DSD128 (DoP and dCS)

          DSD64 /DSD128 / DSD256(ASIO Native)

If there have more formats in the future, we will supplement them via the firmware upgrade, but the premise is to meet QUATTRO II hardware processing capacity.

2. How to check QUATTRO II's DSD function is activated?

Press the volume knob and turn the power switch on to enter the “Setup menu”, rotate the knob to the tenth item “DSD Active”, press the knob to enter the option, if DSD function has activated it will display “DSD Activated”, as shown below:

If the DSD function has not activated will display 48bit SN codes,as shown below:

3. How to buy DSD activation code?

You can buy directly from Matrix Audio Store or our authorized dealer.

After completed the purchase, please provide the clear pictures of your QUATTRO II 48bit SN code and send the image to support@matix-digi.com, we will send you a DSD activation code in the form of e-mail.

4. How to activate DSD function when you get the activation code?

The DSD activation code what you received is a 16bit code of numbers and letters mixed arrangement, only used on the corresponding SN code QUATTRO II.

Please enter the QUATTRO II’s “Setup Menu” tenth item “DSD Active”, you will see 48bit SN code, press the knob again to enter the DSD activation code input interface, sequentially input 16bit DSD activation code, turn the knob to select a character, press the knob to input characters, as shown below:

If you need to change after completed DSD activation code input, please select "CH" andpress the knob can be modified, as shown below:

Please select"OK" and press the knob after you have confirmed the DSD activation code, as shown below:

When QUATTRO II verified the DSD activation code is valid, it will display “DSD Activated”, as shown below:

5. Whetherthe activation time have a period of validity and whether the firmware upgrade willbe affected the activation state?

The activation state is permanent and effective once the QUATTRO II's DSD function have activated.

Firmware upgrade will not affect the DSD activation state.

"Load Default" of configuration menu to restore the factory settings does not affect the DSD activation state.

Activation Code for QUATTRO II DSD Function

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