Inherited Classic

Nearly a year of waiting, ESS SABRE PRO series chips mass product now, we have launched the “S” which is a new member of Mini-i series DAC at the first time, although it have the same look as Mini-i Pro 2, but it owns a more powerful heart——ES9026PRO. It's a further extension of the powerful features on Mini-i Pro 2 and excellent quality on Mini-i series DACs.


The brand new 8-channel D/A chip ES9026PRO fully optimized the internal DSP unit, compare to the last generation ES9016S, not only have the powerful performance, but also has a better user experience.

Full Port DSD*

From now on DSD audio stream is not limited to playback through the USB port, Mini-i Pro 2S support DoP through optical, coaxial and AES/EBU input, convenient to connect digital music player which with the DoP output function.

*Bluetooth connection not included.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

With up to seven kinds of PCM digital filter options, you can select a different filter curve to fine tuning the timbre, easy to meet the different customers in the pursuit of subtle differences on timbre.

Built-in Pre-AMP

The line output can be configured with a +18dB digital gain. It's not necessary to add an additional pre-amplifier for low-gain active speakers. Mini-i Pro 2S also can work with power amplifier more conveniently and flexibly.

Break the Bondage

aptX™ has been the best kept secret of the professional audio industry for many years. Now music lovers can enjoy the rich listening experience that only aptX™ can deliver: pure wireless sound that doesn’t compromise on audio quality.

Graceful Design

Inherit the simple and elegant design style of Mini-i series DACs, CNC machining and anodizing surface process to make it have a superior touch impression, newly designed aluminum body has a higher strength and excellent radiating performance.


The delicate remote control, illustrating Matrix's notion of making everything better. Focusing on and carefully depicting every details, we provided more convenient operation on the device, meanwhile you can enjoy high-quality music contentedly.

Mini-i Pro 2S 32Bit/384kHz DSD DXD DAC & Headphone Amplifier

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