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Few mini-i Pro 3 Questions - WS - 11-17-2020

Hello! First time Matrix owner. Received my mini-i Pro3 yesterday!

A few questions and comments:
1) I notice ROON is not yet certified and I see that Matrix is working hard on the certification. Any ETA?
2) Is the MA App supposed to work with the mini-i Pro3 or is the app only meant for the Element series?
3) I am actually a little confused. What is the network connection for? Is that only for ROON? So if ROON is not ready, the network connection is useless?
4) One of the criticisms I have is that I really do not like the setup button in the back. The way I have it setup, it is very difficult for me to reach the back, so everytime I have to go into setup, it's quite a hassle. Why not just make the setup to be accessible by say 3 quick push of the Knob? 
5) Another criticisms, and hope that this can be fixed in a firmware, is that for now, I am connecting it to my iMac Pro and using the mini-i Pro3 as a USB DAC. It works fine, ROON sees it etc. The problem is when ROON plays a song, in the beginning of the song, there is a pop sound, and when it changes song (to the next song), again there are noises... I never had this problem with my RME, Benchmark or Topping. Is this something that can be eliminated?

Oh and one feature request?! What are the chances of having parametric eq?!

Thanks in advance.

RE: Few mini-i Pro 3 Questions - Laurentiu - 11-19-2020

For now, network connection is susteins by Airplay and Airplay2 devices. If use a PC computer than you need to install ITune and to subscribe at AppleMusic. For Roon I waiting too.
Next step for team, Spotify Connect, I hope.