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IIS (I2S) /LVDS vs. HDMI - Raimound - 10-16-2020

Dear Matrix Audio Team,

many good players like the OPPO UDH 205 have an HDMI output. Via the HDMI output the OPPO sends the full bandwith of hight resolution audio content like from SACD´s.

Oppo descripes that e.g. SACD is not avaliable via the optical and coax output because of a copyright issue. So it would be very good if the Matrix Audio X would have an HDMI input instaed of the I2S / LVDS what is relativley unknown. I am very sad that I cannot send SACD content from the OPPO to my Matrix Audio X because of the (for me useless) I2S/LVDS Input.

Would it be possible to modify the I2S/LVDS Input in that way that it can input HDMI Signals ?

If not, do you know a (external) possibilty to convert HDMI signals to I2S/LVDS ?

Thank you for attention

RE: IIS (I2S) /LVDS vs. HDMI - wei_1191 - 03-24-2021

I've found one recently, search "hdmi mhl iis" in google and u will find it.