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Why does the remote control not work? - Wei Cao - 03-16-2023

Why does the remote control not work?
What should I do when my Matrix device is controlled by the remote of other brand?

1. Check and confirm the batteries are installed correctly. The RM2 and RM3 remote use a CR2032 battery. Please pay attention to whether the battery is installed correctly and whether the battery power is sufficient. The RM4 remote control uses AAA batteries. Please check whether the installation direction of the batteries is correct and whether the power is sufficient. Some RM3 remote controls have an LED indicator, and RM4 remote controls also have an LED indicator. If the batteries are placed correctly and have sufficient power, the LED will light up when the buttons are pressed.

2. If you are sure the batteries are installed correctly and the batteries are new. But the remote still cannot control your Matrix device. Please check the following:
Models: 1st gen element series, 2nd gen element series, mini-i 3/mini-i Pro 3, X-SABRE 3
Operations: Find and enter the option "Remote control" in the device menu, point the IR transmitter of the remote control at the IR receiver of the Matrix device at close range, press the Standby button and the Filter button at the same time and hold for 5 seconds, the Matrix device will display that the remote control code has been switched successfully. After the operations above, the command of the remote control is consistent with the device.

3. If your Matrix product (included in the above models) can be controlled by the remote of other brand devices, you can also perform the above operations to switch the remote command codes to avoid misoperation.