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Element M, no volume limit? - Chris_2105 - 08-23-2022


Firstly Thanks for making an awesome Streamer + DAC
I notice that the 2nd Element Series does have feature to limit max volume using the MA control app as shown in your video tutorial. But I am surprised that such basic feature is not implemented in the 1st series Element in particular Element M. Even a cheap Bluesound node has this feature, my AVR Denon x3700 too has this feature. Considering the Element M is much more expensive than both the Bluesound and Denon add up, find it quite surprised that this volume limit is not there. Any plan to introduce this basic feature please?

RE: Element M, no volume limit? - Wei Cao - 08-24-2022

Hello Chris,
Thanks for your feedback. I will forward your suggestions to our dev team. Best regards.