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Element i2 Tidal Connect Broken - 可打印的版本

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Element i2 Tidal Connect Broken - Alec - 06-30-2022

I just bought an element i2 from Moon Audio and ran into a handful of bugs, the most upsetting is that when streaming from my Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max using the Tidal app, the stream is sent using Airplay instead of Tidal Connect. Within the Tidal app the element does not show the Tidal Connect logo below the name and icon. This was the first thing I noticed. However, using MA Remote, when I choose Tidal songs the stream is MQA and works well. 

Serial: WB13SE22056
Hardware: v1.4
Firmware: 1.0.2 Build002

I deeply hope this is correctable. It’s literally the reason (tidal connect streaming) I bought the unit. I haven’t had much luck with streamers+dac separates and was really hoping this would be an Apple style product experience. 

Thanks for help!!

RE: Element i2 Tidal Connect Broken - Wei Cao - 08-09-2022

Hi Alec,
Does TIDAL work for you correctly now? I replied to you on YouTube in the comment of Moon Audio video where you asked the same question.
By the way Which country are you in? TIDAL tech support team is helping us to investigatiing this issue recently.