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Auto resume playing on power on - Sergejs - 01-24-2022

Hello Matrix Audio!

I've been looking for a network player + DAC with certain features and so I came up to your products.
I am considering the Element I or Element M models.

I need the player to have one specific feature: when I turn it off and then turn it back on tomorrow, let's say,
I would like it to automatically start playing whatever it had been playing last time.
Let's say, I was listening an internet radio station, I want it to continue playing the same station when I turn it on.
The desired scenario is - normally, my wife would be switching in on in the morning and she does not
want to think how to select appropriate input or do some additional steps in a smartphone.
She wants to press one button (power) and it starts playing. Do elements have this feature?

Some competitors can apparently do it.

Thank you in advance for any response!

RE: Auto resume playing on power on - Wei Cao - 01-25-2022

Hi Sergejs
Sorry, unfortunately, all of our products need some operations before it starts to play after the unit booed.