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New Mini I Pro 3 Right Channel static - Scott_1707 - 01-02-2022


I have a brand new purchased from Moon Audio 2 weeks ago Mini I Pro 3.  

It is setup on 115 v.  Plugged direct to wall.  Connected To Orbi AX 6000 based network.  

I have a recurrent right channel static that worsens the longer the unit is plugged in.  It is not volume dependent.  It is not headphone dependent.  It is the same with Roon (wireless) and Airplay. 

Firmware up to date. 

Any thoughts?  


RE: New Mini I Pro 3 Right Channel static - Tao_1 - 01-04-2022

Hi Scott,

1. Except for the network input, do other input channels have the same problem that static on right side?
2. Does the RCA/ XLR line output have this problem?
3. For the issue 'turn it off and it would shut down then immediately turn back on again' which mentioned on your email, please disconnect all connections, keep only the power cord connected, use the infrared remote control to shut down, compare the test results?
4.How loud is the noise? Does the noise accompany the music or does it completely cover up the music?
5.Can you take a video to show the noise problem? that will help us better understand the problem.

Thank you!