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App update / Android phone issues - Tim_1306 - 12-21-2021

This thread is a continuation of the email conversation & exchanges I have already had with your Matrix Team about problems experienced  with your  recent App update using an Android Motorola One phone. I have an Element X:

Finding the Search facility in Qobuz
Thank you for the screen shots showing me how to access the Qobuz search facility. After many attempts I finally managed to pull down the search bar, but hitting the right spot is very much hit and miss, making the user experience very frustrating. Are you able to improve this?

Once on the Qobuz search screen, I cannot can't view what I am typing. I suspect the search bar space is too small and all text is squashed into what appears to be dots. I can send you a video if you would like to see?

Could you now advise me how I access both my Qobuz 'Playlists' and also my Qobuz 'Favourites'. Again these are viewable in the  mConnect App.

Many thanks


RE: App update / Android phone issues - Tim_1306 - 12-22-2021

Thanks Matrix Team for your response. However, there was nothing in your response email about the 'Search' facility issue. Have you escalated this to your Management Team? Can you advise when you expect to reply?

As always, many thanks


RE: App update / Android phone issues - Wei Cao - 12-26-2021

Hi Tim,
Sorry for the delay. The city we based at has locked down from Dec 23 due to COVID-19 outbreak again. We are now work from home.
We will improve our app continuously. Thanks for your suggestions.

Best regards.