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Element i connection problem - Giovanni_1677 - 12-19-2021

since yesterday the MA Remote (on iOS 15.2) cannot play songs from Tidal, internet radio or from my Library (on USB thumb drive). The song starts to play for a few seconds, then stops.
The device can play music continuously through Tidal via AirPlay only.

My router does recognize the Element I as a device in its list of connected devices (the Element i network setting is on WiFi and it is connected correctly)
Reconfiguring my network I noticed that the device now is recognized with a "partial" serial number.
I am using the latest versions of iOS (15.2), MA remote (3.0.3) and Element i firmware (C02001)

I am attaching some screenshots

Thank you

RE: Element i connection problem - Wei Cao - 12-21-2021

Dear Giovanni,
We are aware of your issue. Our support team will contact you as soon as possible.
Thanks for your understand.