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Feature Request: Next Track function - Vladimir_1642 - 12-07-2021

I`am using Element X for couple of years now and this is great device overall!

But what is lacking for me - quick Next Track button.
Original remote control does not have it, and its too long and uncomfortable to take the phone, unblock it and command MA Remote to skip current track.

Please, add support for bluetooth remote controllers like this:
They have standard multimedia buttons, next track\previous track as well.
They are paired with their own bluetooth receiver (small USB dongle).

I think its not too hard to add such support in your Linux application running on the Element X.

I already tried to use such a remote with my Element, but got no effect while pressing on Next/Prev Track buttons, and got strange effect of network shutdown when I press Power button on the BT remote.

Please add such a support, it would allow us to use generic BT remote to quickly operate playback functions, which original remote lacks...


RE: Feature Request: Next Track function - Wei Cao - 12-10-2021

Thanks for your suggestions.
The current firmware of element devices does not have a IR remote command for playback.