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MA remote app - hiradi - 07-15-2021

Well , Hello again from Australia....!!!!

After waiting patiently for 16 month on some more improvements with your MA app , let me ask you ....
"Are you going to improve your app , or do you prefer us all to move to Roon ...??? The reason I bought the Element I , was the streaming feature ....!!!!
And . please , is it such a difficult "improvement" for your highly skilled technicians and IT experts to give us a alphabetic shortcut on the "FILES" page...??? 
I asked you 16 month ago and on your last improvement "B91901" , you added this feature to the Albums,Artist,Tracks and (partly)Perfomers pages , but NOT to the FILES page , which most of us with large libraries would use....!!!!!! Please , a reply would be appreciated...!!!

And , I think Performers and Artists are the same and you could delete one of those and try to make the SEARCH section work better , just not good enough...!!!

Kind regards and in HOPE

RE: MA remote app - Wei Cao - 07-15-2021

Hi hiradi,
Sorry for the inconvenience.
I got your mind. I have submitted your request to our debug system. Your request has added to the optimizing schedule of the technical guys. But I have no exact time of when will them start to handle this issue.
Thanks for your understanding.
Best regards.


RE: MA remote app - Wei Cao - 07-15-2021

By the way, what problems did you encounter when using the search function? Can you clarify it?

RE: MA remote app - hiradi - 07-16-2021

Sure , I have 2 x 2 TB SSD plugged into the USB on the Element I...
when I am in FILES and say I search "Davis"  1 x Miles Davis sextet comes up on the search , but there is 6 Albums there...

if I do the same in the ALBUMS section , 2 x Miles Davis selections come up and when I press than on the upper one 15 Albums are selected and 5 of them are "Unknown" ones and they are all the same ....when I select DADAWA on the same Files page , there is 2 x Albums shows "No Results Found"....
The search function is very inconsistent...sometimes it works and brings up one Album from 6 , sometimes none... 

I attach some Screenshot's here ...I hope it helps ...Kind regards Helmut

2 x more pictures ...result from the ALBUM search

RE: MA remote app - Ion - 07-29-2021

Hi Cao,

As you probably know, Tidal offers "My Mix"-es (My Mix1.. My Mix2, My Mix3, etc) playlists... When those playlists will be available in MA app?