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Connecting a Sub (or two) - Jason_1363 - 07-09-2021

I'm currently using an X Sabre Pro as DAC and pre, connected to two monoblocks via XLR and was wondering if there's anyway of connecting subs to the XSP? I didnt know if there was a way to make the component connections live at the same time as the XLR? 

If not, is there a good pre with sub output that works well with the XSP as well as matching stylistically?

RE: Connecting a Sub (or two) - Wei Cao - 07-15-2021

Hello Jason,
If the monoblocks have connected to the XLR outs of the X-SABRE Pro, you can only use the RCA for the subs. The RCA and XLR ports output signals together, but you cannot connect multiple devices at the same time to 1 sets of XLR output ports.