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Remote volume with BubbleUPnP - Steve_1251 - 04-27-2021

I have been struggling with trying to make the Element i respond to volume changes via the BubbleUPnP app. The problem is the app stays stuck on showing 50% no matter how you adjust the volume level on the app screen.

I spoke to Bubble and their reply is the Matrix renderer is backed by upmpdcli, an excellent Open Source renderer based on mpd for backend (playback, volume control, ...).

upmpdcli/mpd do support volume changes, but for some reason it seems that the volume command emitted by BubbleUPnP do nothing, which is unusual.

Maybe there is a configuration setting in this renderer's configuration interface that blocks remote volume changes (maybe for security).

I'd suggest to contact Matrix customer support about it.

I tried, twice, to contact MA technical support on this issue but no reply.

Please can anyone help with this problem?

RE: Remote volume with BubbleUPnP - Wei Cao - 04-28-2021

Hi Steve,
The element series products cannot work with BubbleUPnP app. Please use MA Remote app instead.
By the way, we are using our own protocol for the volume control, not upmpdcli. So the BubbleUPnP doesn't work.
Thank you.