New firmware available for mini-i 3 series products

2021-04-14 11:20News

According to the recent customer feedback and the issues we discovered during recent development and testing, we released new firmware for mini-i 3 and mini-i Pro 3. You can check for and install firmware update through Settings Menu, the process needs an internet access.

Applicable models:

mini-i 3

mini-i Pro 3

Firmware version:



What’s new:

  1. Fixed the issue of intermittent noise occurs when playback Native DSD audio through USB Audio port.
  2. Added characters & ^ ~ ` and | to the input keyboard of Wi-Fi password.
  3. Fixed several bugs that may cause the device to freeze.
  4. Fixed the issue that sometimes the volume cannot be adjusted.
  5. Other UI issues were fixed.

Update instructions:

1. Turn the device on and connect it to the Internet. Press the “i” button on the rear panel of the unit to enter Settings menu.


2. Rotate the knob, find the “Firmware Update” option, press the knob to enter.


3. Press the knob to check for updates.


4. If update is available, the firmware version will be displayed. The C713A8 is for mini-i 3, and the C713B8 is for mini-i Pro 3. Now press the knob to start install update.


5. The upgrade process takes about 2 minutes, the device will reboot automatically after update is complete.


6. After the update is complete, re-enter the Settings menu and select the "Info" option to view the current firmware version number.