New firmware update for mini-i 3 and mini-i Pro 3

2020-10-16 11:14News

Applied models: mini-i 3, mini-i Pro 3

Firmware version: C113A4, C113B4


1. Popup on the screen when the network is disconnected.

2. Added the function of automatically reducing the screen brightness when there is no operation.

3. The un-mute logic changed, power-on/standby will not un-mute.

4. Fixed the issue of unable to connect to the wireless network with special characters in the SSID.

5. Fixed the issue that the volume changes to -48dB when AirPlay is connected but not playing.

6. Fixed the issue that the device response lags when the volume is adjusted rapidly through the Roon controller app.

7. Fixed the issue that Roon Core does not display the output mode correctly when the line output is in "Fixed" mode.

8. Fixed the issue that the MQA status displayed in the Roon Core is incorrect when the mini-i Pro 3 is playing MQA Studio files.

9. Fixed the issue that the mini-i 3 displayed as "MQA Renderer" in the Roon Core by mistake.

Update instructions:

1. Turn the device on and connect it to the Internet. Press the “i” button on the rear panel of the unit to enter Settings menu.


2. Rotate the knob, find the “Firmware Update” option, press the knob to enter.


3. Press the knob to check for updates.


4. If update is available, the firmware version will be displayed. The C113A4 is for mini-i 3, and the C113B4 is for mini-i Pro 3. Now press the knob to start install update.


5. The upgrade process takes about 2 minutes, the device will reboot automatically after update is complete.


6. After the update is complete, re-enter the Settings menu and select the "Info" option to view the current firmware version number.